During the course of a game of poker, players are dealt cards one at a time. They are placed in order of betting, with the highest hand winning the pot. However, this is not always the case. Some variations may only award the pot to the lowest-ranked hand.

Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck. However, some games also feature wild cards. These can take any suit. They can also make five of a kind.

The card with the best rank is the “high card.” Ties are broken when multiple people share the same card. The high card is usually a king, queen or jack.

A “backdoor flush” is achieved when you hit the right cards on the turn and river. In other words, the best hand is the one that contains the best three cards.

A “poker hand” is made up of five cards, but can be any combination of two distinct pairs plus the five-card board. In some games, the best hand is made of the “lowest cards.” A pair of kings isn’t very good off the deal.

A “bluff” is a strategy designed to convince other players to fold. You may be able to win the pot by bluffing, but it’s also important to have a strategy for folding. A “fold” means you’re out of the pot. This is because the player must ante up the same number of chips as those before him.

The ante is a small bet, usually $1 or $5. It’s a way to buy in to the game. You should have a good supply of chips, at least 200.