The definition of a slot is a narrow opening, groove, or a hole that receives something. In the context of writing, a slot is an interior opening in a copy desk. A chief copy editor holds the position of a slot in a Gazette. A mail slot at an airport is an interior opening for mail. An airplane pilot can place his or her mail in a mail slot. A plane with a slot is authorized by the air traffic authority.


A computer’s “slot” is a physical opening for the processor. A computer’s slot is the most common connection for a memory card, hard drive, or other device. These openings can be located in the rear, front, or side of the computer. While it can be either a girl or boy, they are most commonly found in modern computers. A PC with slots is considered a high-tech device, but without slots, it’s a toy.

A slot is also known as a bay. A computer’s slot can be in the front, back, or both, and can be either in a laptop, desktop, or a tablet. Generally, there are two types of slots: the expansion slot, and the bay. The expansion slot accepts add-on boards and other devices. A computer’s bay is a site where a disk drive can be installed. These slots are usually in the front or back of the computer.