Whether it’s the flashing lights, champagne glasses clinking, or the thrill of trying your luck at a game of chance, casinos offer a truly unique experience. With their incredible décor, buzzing energy, and a variety of games to try, there is something about the casino that can make even the most jaded player feel alive.

Unlike other Vegas movies that only scratch the surface, Casino explores the city’s roots and reveals how it came to be dominated by big gambling corporations with mafia ties. The movie also demonstrates how the casino business is an intricate web of corruption that stretches from politicians to Teamsters unions to Midwest mafia gangsters.

But despite all the glitz and glamour of casinos, they are not immune to bankruptcy. The cost of the machines, equipment, staff, and building itself means that they must make a profit in order to stay in business. And it’s not easy: casino revenue is being squeezed by non-gambling resorts, online gaming, private gambling, and an illegal market that dwarfs the legal business.

As a result, casinos must constantly innovate in order to attract and keep customers. This includes elevating entertainment and food options, adding online components to floor games, and increasing mobile marketing. Casinos must also ensure that they remain attractive to the ever-changing demographic of gamblers, from Baby Boomers and Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z. But it’s not just the changing demographics that are putting pressure on casinos, it’s also the growing popularity of eSports and the emergence of new gaming platforms.