Air Mile Credit Cards

Air Mile Credit Cards: A Comprehensive Guide on Which is the Best

How do Air Mile Credit Cards Work?

Air Mile credit cards which is the best: Credit Card is the convenient too that nowadays use by most of the people. We all are aware of numbers of benefits of credit card. It is better to have credit card rather than keep cash with. Nowadays mostly all banks have started to provide this facility to the customers. Many types of credit cards are available in the market, but today we are going to discuss about one of the special named Air Mile Credit Card. If you are a frequent flyer or say regular traveler than Air miles credit cards is one of the best option for you to save more. Using Air Miles credit card you can cut the cost of your travels. Moreover you can earn points and win rewards that you can use for your next flight. There are numbers of benefits of Air Miles credit card that we will see as we will move on in our discussion but before that let’s get know about what is Air Mile exactly.

About Air Mile

A loyalty program operated in Canada, the Netherlands and the Middle East is known as Air Mile. The concept of Air Miles was created by Sir Keith Mills. It was begun operating in the UK in November 1988. The Air Miles loyalty program was operated by a British company Loyalty Management Group (LMG) and the company has licensed the rights to it in other countries to other operators. Previously this loyalty program was operated in the United Kingdom and Spain too. Through this program one can earn points on purchases at participating merchants. Earned points can be redeemed against flights with specific airlines. Once you linked with this program using Air Mile Credit Cards then you can gain points. You can win rewards by redeem the earned points like free flights, hotels, card hire, cinema tickets etc. but in most of cases you can use the points to get a free flight ticket to travel at your choice of destination. If you will check then you will come to know that there are lots of companies that offer Air Mile Cards.

Now let’s see the features/ benefits of this wonderful credit card that allows you to win reward on redeem the earned points.

Features/ benefits of Air Mile Credit Card

  1. You can collect miles on your Air Mile Credit Cards where it counted 1 mile for every £10 or £50 you spent.
  2. You can able to get 0% interest on balance transfers for 6 months.
  3. On your Minimum spend of £100 in the first 3 months; you can get 150 miles for every £1,000 transferred.
  4. You can earn double miles when you use your Air Mile Credit Card in abroad.
  5. You do not have to pay any annual fees.
  6. Some air mile credit cards also offer discounts at partner stores.
  7. It gives you worldwide travel insurance, flight delay or cancellation insurance and for your lost or delayed luggage.
  8. It gives you internet fraud protection free of cost.

So, how easy is to earn and redeem points and win flight for your next travel using Air Mile Credit Card! Now let’s take a look at the list from where you can collect your miles or earn points.

How to collect Air Miles points?

Air Miles have more than 200 online partners, so you can collect Air Miles or earn points on almost everything you buy. The more points you earn, the more miles you can collect and the more you can use to fly. Below you can see the list from where you can collect miles or earn points, please take a look at the same:

  • Groceries
  • Credit card spend
  • Mortgages
  • Travel shopping
  • Petrol
  • Online shopping

As you can see, all the items listed in the above list are the things that you use in your daily life. It means what you are spending in your routine can make you able to earn points to collect more miles using Air Mile credit card. Once you earn the points and collects the miles, may be you get confuse about where to use the miles you have collected, right? Do not worry about because here we have mentioned that where you can use the miles you have collected.

Where to use Air Miles?

As we seen above that you can earn points and can collect miles on your everyday shopping. You can use them for:

  • Worldwide flights in 7 easy zones
  • Thousands of worldwide hotels
  • Brochure holidays from the UK’s leading companies
  • Specialist getaways – like cruise, ski and snow
  • UK days out and activities
  • Even wine cases

Lots of options you have to use your air miles on. So what are waiting for? Get started to earn points and collect the miles for your next free flight through Air Miles!

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Air Mile Credit Cards
  • How do Air Mile Credit Cards Work?


Using Air Miles credit card you can cut the cost of your travels. Moreover you can earn points and win rewards that you can use for your next flight. There are numbers of benefits of Air Miles credit cards.

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